Who is Watershed?

A watershed is a crucial piece of any environment – in many ways it is the source of life as it provides water to the region. In a similar way, we are a community of people joining with God to bring life and hope to our neighborhoods and world.  


Watershed Church was founded in 2006 as a parachute plant of the Christian Reformed Church. Informal services were held on a beach in Traverse City, Michigan. These intimate gatherings eventually moved to rented space (or, seasonally, outside on the grounds) at the Grand Traverse Commons. The worship format included singing with an acoustic guitar, a message providing cultural and historical insights into the world of the Bible, application of this ancient text to modern life, and generous time in prayer and fellowship with one another


Worship at Watershed Church has retained a simple format: singing, praying together, learning from Biblical teaching and closing with a final song and blessing. It is a place where people remain eager to pray for each other and our community. We look for a rich theological discussion and to deeply explore God’s Word – we are interested to know what God has done in the world and to respond in our own lives. We hope our conversations about faith allow people to ask questions and wrestle with doubts. In all of this, we seek fellowship together.

I’d say that what drew me to Watershed was the authenticity of the people in the community. At Watershed you can truly come as you are and everyone does their best to embrace that both in themselves and in others.
— Aaron