Who is Watershed?

A watershed is a crucial piece of any environment. In many ways it is a source of life as it provides water to the region. In a similar way, we are a community of people living in response to God’s mercy and grace - our true source of life and meaning - and joining with God to bring restoration to our neighborhoods and world.  


Watershed Church was founded in 2006 as an emerging church of the Christian Reformed Church. Informal services were held on a beach in Traverse City, Michigan. These gatherings eventually moved to rented space in a yoga room at the Grand Traverse Commons (outdoors in the summer). Worship services included singing, a message, and a time of prayer and fellowship with one another.


Watershed Church continues as an emerging church of the Christian Reformed Church and has retained its simple format. Our Sunday worship services are a weekly time for the community to gather together to hear God speak and commit to live in response to what has been heard (still outdoors in the summer!).

We foster a Christian community where all people can relax and be themselves, knowing that they will be accepted and loved for who they are. We enjoy time together through things like our fall and spring Camp Watershed getaways to Cedar Bend, and we nurture spiritual growth through prayer groups, book studies, a faith formation class for adolescents, and special services (and much more).

We are also committed to bringing restoration to the world through proclaiming the Good News about Jesus Christ with words and demonstrating God’s love with deeds. We partner with organizations such as Single MOMM, Freedom Builders, and Bethany Christian Services. We find ways to volunteer in the local community, and we empower and encourage people to discover how they might proclaim Good News and demonstrate God’s love in their day-to-day lives.

Of course, no church community is perfect - and we aren’t. But isn’t that kind of the point? Watershed is a community of broken people who have found healing, wholeness, and hope in Jesus Christ: Our risen Lord.

I’d say that what drew me to Watershed was the authenticity of the people in the community. At Watershed you can truly come as you are and everyone does their best to embrace that both in themselves and in others.
— Aaron